Friday, January 30, 2009

Past few days....'s that time of year again... The mini talent show at NES (Karson's school) was this week. She decided that she would sing... That's right...she wanted to sing a song... Well...she wanted to sing White Horse by Taylor Swift. She practiced a lot at home...every evening you could hear her through her door singing it over and over. She knows EVERY word...and sounded GREAT!!! Wednesday came and she didn't have the disk - it was sitting on my desk... I was asked if I wanted to go watch her (no parents were was the kiddos only...BUT...that's one of the perks of working in the District) and I could only go Thursday morning so I was going to be able to go.

Well...she got here Wednesday afternoon and said that she wasn't going to do it...she was too scared and nervous about doing it. So I said ok. THEN she comes in yesterday and tells me that shes decided to do it...TODAY... In front of the entire 3rd grade!! I said ok. Well...I send Abby an instant message asking if she did it or not...and she said that she was keeping her for last in case I was coming. SO...the great mom that I am...I speed (literally) to NES and make it there before she sings... And as soon as I get there....they tell me she decided NOT to sing!! Oh well...I got to see my baby girl for a few minutes... I walked into the gym and she was sitting with some of my friends (teachers - not kiddos) and she saw me and her eyes lit up!! She asked what I was doing there and I told her and she got a frown on her face and said "But I'm not singing...are you mad?" Of course I wasn't mad! And I told her that!! I could never be mad at her for something like that... I rarely ever get mad at her... Only if she doesn't turn her homework in, leaves a mess at the table, or leaves her clothes all over the bathroom and bedroom floors... And when I have to fight with her about homework...other than that...I NEVER get mad at or or have to get on to her. She's the perfect kiddo!! So caring and loving!!

She's the light of my eyes!!!

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